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Download Minecraft 1.9

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Download minecraft 1.9


Until the next Update to the Version 1.9 of the game, it won't take long. In the last few months, so-called Snapshots came out again and again, where you can view the new Features of the Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update, so the new Version is also called, in advance, and can allude to.

  • The armor to get new armor values, that is, a piece of armor can have between 0 and 30 "Protection", i.e. protection, depending on how strong it is.
  • Weapons and tools to get the property "Attack Speed". The causes that you need to be charged prior to their use, and a sword can be spammed, but used with prudence. The value is calculated from a ground speed and the Modifier for the Item.
  • It's a second hand was added, in which you can hold a shield or the like. Swords are no more able to block from now on. The second hand works only kit Items which you right-click. If an Item in the main hand does not have a right-click Action, used the second hand.
  • With the shovel can be generated by right-clicking paths in the Grass, which differ from the normal surface. On these road blocks, no snow can be generated, and manually there is no snow to be placed. The blade is worn out.


Download minecraft 1.9

Download Minecraft:

minecraft.rar [1,24 Mb]
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