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SkyBlock Map [1.9.4] [1.9] [1.8.9]

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SkyBlock Map


Skyblock is probably one of the most popular Survival Maps in Minecraft history. You start with almost nothing and must build up in the Emptiness of the world, the Nether visit and the optional goals of the Creator meet. For people, the greater challenge is exactly the Right thing.


SkyBlock Map
SkyBlock Map


How to install SkyBlock Map:

  1. Download the map.
  2. The folder "SkyBlock2.1" from the archive, move to %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  3. Start minecraft.

Download SkyBlock Map:

Author: archer
Hello! Good afternoon.
I have a question. Is there anything else than the little sand island and the spawn one?
I can't find a single thing aside those i've mentioned before
  • nyees
  • 16 April 2019 13:23
Yes, there is a nether island to the north and an ice island to the east.
  • scottyrekts21
  • 20 June 2019 15:33
there is no way to add cheats and if you die (hunger) you spawn in the void infinitely.
I flew to the north and east, yet I didn't seem to find any other islands. I dont know how to progress from this point of the game
Player Survival
Missing anything is yes! you forgot .. when people break the tree, the leaves will self-destruct and chances are to make appear objects like an apple and an inch (it depends on which tree) what I mean is that the thumb of the tree could fall into the void and survival is over. you can't survive without a tree and yes! you forgot this!
  • Yes
  • 15 February 2020 19:43
Hi everyone I hope to get a reply soon because I am itching to play this map. I have one question as of how do I make the map on a world.

How do I put the world onto a world in minecraft
You need to take the file and copy/cut it in the saves folder in ur Minecraft folder.
@scottyrekts21 Есть, смотрите заходите в настройки ( не главные, а кнопку) и там есть сетевая игра (когда уже зашли на карту) вы нажимаете на нее, и там есть читы включить, выключить.И вы нажимаете включить, и готова.Вот и все
mm good
hi I'm not able to download can you send me the direct link?
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